The most important thing with breeding dogs for me is longevity and good health. Dog can get along with slightly worse hips, but constant skin or intestinal problems do not belong to a breeding dogs. With breeding choices, I try to improve the health of the next generation in each combination.

I would also like the puppy owners to be interested in improving the general health situation of the breeds, which you can influence just by taking an official x-rays of the dog when it is old enough. You can find more information about the importance of health in "Puppy from us?" section. And at the breed descriptions you can find information about the most typical ailments of the breeds and what I personally want to strive for with each breed.

Temperamentally I want my own dogs and all puppies from us to be purebred, brave and self-confident. I don't want to use fearful and insecure dogs for breeding, because the character traits and susceptibility to them are inherited from both parents, but the puppies also learn a lot from their mother.

Dog show success and titles aren't the most important for me. No matter how wonderful and beautiful the dog is, if its character and health don't are what I would like, it will not end up for breeding. Long title lines are therefore not important to me when I'm looking for a male or otherwise regarding my own breeding choices. In my selections, I still aim for a type that matches the breed definition, but I don't favor exaggerated features. In terms of appearance, I like a well-built, well-balanced, well-moved and strong-boned dog, but not be too heavy.

I respect the original purpose of the breeds and with my own choices I try to breed dogs that are suitable for work and hobbies use depending on the breed. With Central Asian ovcharkas I specifically emphasize qualities that are suitable for work with animals.

Despite great efforts, there is no such thing as a perfect dog in every way. We all have our own mistakes and they make us who we are, the persons we are.