We don't have separate kennel facilities, I strive to ensure that our dogs can live as a pack with the family, the Central Asian ovcharkas (CAOs) mainly outside due to their purpose. Our yard is fenced and the dogs can safely run free every day as much as they feel good. In addition to that, of course, we go on leash walks with everyone.

A separate room is reserved for bullmastiff and French bulldog mommys and their puppies, where they can be in peace from other dogs and extra noise for the first few weeks. If necessary, there is visual and auditory connection from the room to the room where the rest of the inner dogs lives.

CAO mommys give birth inside the house, depending on the season, but when the puppies are a few weeks old and the temperatures allow, they move to a spacious litter box built in a granary, from where the mother and puppies have free access to a privately fenced enclosure. From there the puppies can see sheeps and adult CAOs at work, and at the same time, they can also follow the daily events of the yard.

Our puppies get used to normal household sounds, children, other dogs, cats and sheep in our herd. Despite that, the biggest and most significant responsibility in socializing the puppy lies with the puppy buyer, because the puppy's best socialization period is around 6-16 weeks of age. Depending on the breed and depending on the situation, the puppies are handed over at 7-8 weeks of age at the earliest. Puppies are always handed over registered with the Finnish Kennel Club, marked for identification, wormed and checked by a veterinarian with a puppy package.

We don't have actual "waiting lists" for puppies, but the homes for the puppies are chosen carefully and I try to find the right and most suitable home for each one. Please contact us and tell us about yourself and the home you have to offer, and I will know how to contact you when a suitable puppy is born.

What do you commit to when you take a puppy from us?

I don't have dog show obligation for puppy buyers, I don't consider you a less potential dog owner even if you aren't interested in dog shows. I'd love to hear about the results and reviews if you decide to go to shows with your dog and I'll try to be helpful if you have any questions.

I also don't have a hobby obligation for puppies, but if you want, of course you can do almost anything with your dog. As long as the dog gets the amount of exercise and meaningful activities it needs for its age, such as sniffing and running in the forest, it does not necessarily need many different hobbies.

When it comes to feeding, I don't oblige you to a certain brand. In the puppy package, you get a bag of the puppy food that the puppy has eaten at my place and which it would be good to continue at least until the puppy is completely settled. If you want, you can later gradually change it to another brand if you have your own favorite, as long as it is high quality and nutritious enough for the growing puppy. An adult dog also needs meaty food. In the case of co-owned bitches, I would like you to feed the mommy the food I recommend, because that's what she and the puppies will eat at my place when the time comes.

If for some reason the food I recommend is not suitable for the dog, I would like you to talk to me if there are major changes to the food, because I want to be informed about the health of my pets. So I definitely want to hear about any problems if they arise and I'll help you as best I can.

That's why I have a health obligation. Because I strive to breed healthier dogs, I also want to know about the health of the dogs that left us for their own homes. It would be good to have the dog x-ray officially when it is 24 months old, for bullmastiffs and Central Asian ovcharkas at least the hips and elbows, preferably also the back, and for French bulldogs the back, hips and elbows. If possible, it would be good to officially examine the eyes and heart for hereditary diseases as well as and the knees for French bulldogs.

I'd love to hear how you're doing later and if there are challenges with your dog's health/character or if you have any other questions about anything, you can always ask. 

If you ever have to give up your dog for some reason and find a new home for it, please contact me and I will help and support you. If necessary, I will also claim the dog back. Since it's about challenging breeds, I don't want my breeds to end up in circulation, become victims of puppy mills or possibly cause problems for their environment if they fall into unskilled hands. So you can always get help, don't be left alone to worry, please contact me no matter how difficult the problem is.

We have a closed group on Facebook for puppy owners, where you can update news and chat with other owners of puppies who have left us for their own homes. You are warmly welcome to join us when the decision to get a puppy has been made!