Where did Aradia get her name?​

Since Lilith was named after the first woman, the little sister Aradia was then named after the first witch. Aradia, the daughter of Diana, the goddess of the moon and witches, is the female messiah of witches who came down to earth to tell about witchcraft. Aradia was the first witch and queen of witches, Aradia also became the goddess of the moon and witches like her mother Diana. In addition, he was the protector of all the persecuted, the outlaws and the wicked.

Aradia is Lilith's little sister; both have the same mother but different fathers.

Aradia is calm, self-confident and even-tempered by her basic nature, but nevertheless a very hot case when necessary. When it comes to watching and guarding, Aradia is precise and unwavering, already at 3 months old she ran to the fence alone to bark and guarded effectively if someone passed along the road. It can be trusted to report every slightly suspicious activity in the vicinity of the area. Aradia is quite tall and strong-boned, but still a slender bitch. It also has spurs on both hind legs.

At first, Aradia has only worked for us as an area guard, protecting the family and home from predators and other intruders, but she switched to a full-time animal guard for our own sheep in the fall of 2021 when she was about 1.5 years old. Aradia does really well with the sheep and its calm, but unwavering nature is as if it was made for the job of an animal guard. If the sheeps push each other, Aradia comes and calmly goes to stand between the sheeps, interrupting the fight.

Aradia's breeder: