Born friday 13.8.2021




  • Patellar luxation: 0/0
  • Cardiac health auscultation examination: No symptoms
  • Eye examination: No evidence of inherited eye diseases
  • Elbow incongruity: 0/0
  • Hip joint: B/B
  • Spine:
    calcified intervertebral discs: IDD3 (severe), K7
    vertebral anomaly: VA1 (mild), number of anomalies 1
    spondylosis: SP0 (free)
    lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal)
  • Kondrodysplasia (CDPA): N/N
  • Kondrodystrofia (CDDY & IVDD risk): CDDY/CDDY

Where did Tähti get her name?

My daughter Tara had decided that if she ever got her own French bulldog, its name would start with the letter T like Tara's own name, and Tähti was chosen as her favorite name. In Tarot cards, the Star represents hope, faith, healing and inspiration.

In an old Finnish folklore a five-pointed star is carved into granaries, door handles and wooden dishes to protect against evil. For the Wiccans, the five points of the star represent the five elements; earth, fire, air, water and spirit.

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I had been following Niina's breeding work for improving the health of the breed with interest for a long time and I was especially fond of Siiri, who she bred, who became the mother of these puppies. Siiri may not be the "show type" of today's breed, but because of that, I think Siiri is one of the most beautiful French bitches I have ever seen. The mother line of these puppies, as well as the bitches on the father's side, give birth naturally and the back health of both parents is significantly better than the breed average. Tähti's mother and grandmother have competed in lure running, and the grandmothers on her mother's side also do agility. Tähti came to us primarily as my daughter Tara's dog, because mother had already owned all the other dogs in the family.

Tähti is curious, very energetic, brisk and approachable, but also has a lot of temperament and will to fight, as well as some aggressiveness with resources. Tähti is a really active French bulldog, he has enough energy to share with others and he is never tired of running and playing. It is also instructive and can be easily motivated with food, even a regular dry food kibble is fine for this and Tähti is ready for cooperation.

Tähti is slightly lighter than the usual French bulldog, its back is longer than usual, as well as its muzzle, and its nostrils are very open. The star also has a good tail, which it wags when it is happy.

Tähti's breeder: ajwande.webnode.fi/