Where did Morana get her name?

Since Morana is officially called Russian Black Diamond, I wanted a name related to Slavic mythology. Morana is the goddess of nature and death, considered the daughter of the sun. She is also Jarilo's twin sister and wife, while Jarilo is the god of fertility and vegetation. After the harvest, Morana kills her unfaithful husband, but without her husband, the nature goddess Morana withers and turns into a terrible, old and dangerous goddess of darkness and frost.

Morana's father is the Turkmen alabai male, who is also the grandfather of our Lilith and Aradia, so Morana is the half-aunt of these older sisters. Morana was already 12 weeks old when she arrived to us.

Morana is soft and sensitive, but at the same time also sharp and temperamental. Its communication is less gestural than our other CAOs. Morana, like her mother Tuittu, is serious and sometimes a little humorless person, which is why she got the nickname Morana the Mope. Food aggression has also occurred, but it is very typical for primitive CAOs. Depending on the person, Morana can be a bit reserved and suspicious of strangers, but she likes to visits of friends and also enjoys being petted.

Morana enjoys being at home and doesn't like to go outside her own area and also suffers from motion sickness.

Morana has beautiful features, well-proportioned and athletically slim. Of course, it is also fast and agile, Morana is not very big in size, her height is only about 65cm. Morana came to us from a breeder who has a few pet sheeps and Morana doesn't show aggression towards the sheeps, it is more indifferent and doesn't seem to care about the sheeps.

Morana works as an area guard and beast watcher together with Lilith, Morana doesn't get along with dogs other than Lilith and Odin due to her sharp nature.