Born 12.10.2022




  • Kondrodysplasia (CDPA): N/N
  • Kondrodystrofia (CDDY & IVDD risk): CDDY/CDDY

Where did Hiisi get her name?

It was surprisingly easy to choose a nickname, we still had the letter H from the female lines and behind it a lot of good name suggestions. I suggested a few nicknames starting with H for my daughter Tara, and Tara chose Hiisi. Hiisi is a sacred place of the native Finn's religion, which in Finnish culture before the advent of Christianity meant a sacred grove of hiisi where the dead were buried. Christianity forbade the old places of worship, and when they were demonized, they became places of evil beings in the people's imaginations, and the meaning of the word Hiisi also changed to mean a malevolent spirit being. Over time, Hiisi became small evil or at least naughty creatures in folk tales, whose home was also called Hiisi or sometimes Hiitola. In the Finnish language, the word hiisi, identified with pagans, began to refer to an evil or pagan spirit being, a small-sized evil elf or goblin.

In this litter, I was interested in the good health results of both parents, tails, muzzles, good respiratory tract and back health of the relatives. Also the activity and friendly nature of Hiisi's dam and the foreign families behind it, through which Hiisi's dam is also related to our Tähti, were criteria that made me interested in this litter. Hiisi is born naturally.

Hiisi is a very brave and very clever. As soon as she arrived home, she befriended Rasputin and Rasputin accepted Hiisi as if they had always been together. Hiisi is a really active and she can run around without getting tired even for hours, but other dogs get tired of her running around much earlier. When Hiisi finally has the patience to finally calm down, she likes to curl up in the lap, sleep against someone's side, or climb on top of the sofa cushions. Hiisi also likes climbing, running and all kinds of jumping. Already at the age of 5 months, she jumped from a sitting position to a bed more than 70 cm high without any speed.

Hiisi have open nostrils and some muzzle and a nice little tail.

Hiisi's breeder: sammakkoprinssin.weebly.com