Born 27.4.2018


Allergy test results:

Food: beef, egg, rice, pea, potato, soy

Grasses and trees: lake reed, hairy water grass, meadow grass, hay meadow, gorse, northern sedge, birch, elm, poplar, oak

Fungi: Candida albicans, curvularia, helminthosporium, rhizopus, stemphylium

Others: storage mite (acarus siro), fly, flea

Where did Freija get her name?

I wanted a beautiful and Nordic name that would go well with Seita. I chose the Norse mythology goddess Freyja. Freija is the goddess of beauty, love, fertility, northern lights and war, and the most beautiful of the gods. Freija is also associated with magic and wealth, her tears are said to be golden. Freija travels around the universe in a chariot pulled by two black cats and chooses half of the warriors who have fallen on the battlefield to Odin's Valhalla. 

Freija was a wonderful little friend of joy, busy and temperamental as well. Freija was active and nimble in her movements, but she also knew how to calm down and be lazy. Freija loved to be held and slept in the armpit, because she had special permission to come to the bed and the sofa, which the big dogs in the family do not have.

If there were any suspicious noises, Freija would immediately alert the bigger dogs of the pack and together everyone would run to find out what was going on. During the runs, Freija never fussed, but was her wonderful self even then. Freija had an incredible sense of smell, especially if it was about food and if food had dripped on something, Freija knew how to find it.

Freija already had several allergies and atopy at a young age. The allergy test was done in the fall of 2020 when Freija was about 2.5 years old. Despite his health problems, Freija was really loved and just as important as the other dogs in the pack.

Freija was lulled into eternal sleep on May 23, 2022 due to several health problems. In addition to allergies and atopy, Freija also suffered from very congested nostrils and an excessively tight tail. In addition to these, Freija's ear canals had always been really tight and at the end a large grape-like tumor/ hypergrowth had also developed in the right ear. The ear canals would have required widening surgery and a lot of tissue removal, despite the surgery, the problem could have recurred later, no test pieces were taken.