Born 5.9.2021




  • Elbow joint: 1/0
  • Hip joint: B/B
  • Patellar luxation: 0/0
  • Cardiac health auscultation examination: No symptoms
  • Eye examination: Makroblepharon found, severity mild

Available for breeding, Ymir lives in Äänekoski.

Where did Ymir get his name?

In Norse mythology, Ymir was an ice giant and the first living being, born in the primordial chaos when the frozen clay melted in Ginnungagap. Ymir gave birth to a family of ice giants, who were at constant war with the gods. After the gods won the battle, they began the work of creation, when the rivers and seas were formed from Ymir's blood, the earth from flesh, mountains from bones, trees from hair and grass from beards, gravel and stone from teeth, and the sky from the skull. Four strong dwarfs, North, South, East and West, were placed to support the celestial mirror of the firmament. Since it was the Y-litter of Ymir's breeder, the ice giant Ymir came up with the foster home, and the foster home then liked this name.

Co-owner tells about Ymir:

"Ymir has a calm and well-balanced temperament. He has a lot of puppy-like rambunctiousness and desires to play, but indoors he is calm and doesn't fuss about unnecessary things. He also knows how to calm down perfectly in a strange place.

Ymir is independent, but at the same time very approachable. Especially mom is important and comes close to sleep.

He treats new people with an open and cheerful attitude, but after greeting he often goes back to his own work or to lie down and observe the situation.

We saw a big statue in the city, which aroused wonder in Ymir. He watched for a while, sniffed the air and took a few steps closer. He declared it harmless and the trip continued without any major reactions.

The pack of four dogs has done excellently. At least there has been no resource aggressiveness yet. There has been motion sickness."

Ymir's breeder: https://www.kennellittlefreaks.com/