Born 7.10.2020




  • BOAS - gread 0, no symptoms
  • BOAS - test approved
  • Patellar luxation: 0/0
  • Cardiac health auscultation examination: No symptoms
  • Eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases
  • Elbow incongruity: 1/1
  • Spine:
    calcified intervertebral discs: IDD0 (free), K0
    vertebral anomaly: VA2 (evident), number of anomalies 4
    spondylosis: SP0 (free)
    lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal)
  • Kondrodysplasia (CDPA): N/N
  • Kondrodystrofia (CDDY & IVDD risk): N/CDDY

Where did Rasputin get his name?

This was the first puppy that I've had challenges when it came to naming the "right" nickname, but in the end I chose Rasputin, a Russian-born lover. Dr. Grigori Rasputin, known as the epitome of the name and also as Rasputin the Lover, is a mystic, prophet and miracle healer who lived in Russia from 1869 to 1916, and who also influenced the court of Emperor Nicholas II. Grigori Rasputin was loved by many women, but hated by many men in their envy because they could not beat him. Rasputin's dam is an imported dog from Belarus, which also points in the direction of Russia.

Rasputin's mother has so far the only French bulldog in Finland described as having a completely healthy back, but luckily the father didn't have bad health results either. I was already interested in the mother's previous naturally born litter, which I followed with interest. When this litter was born and all the puppies this time naturally, of course I wanted to get a puppy from that dam and this combination.

​Rasputin adapted to the pack brilliantly during the first week and the other dogs accepted it well. The French bulldog Freija became Rasputin's best friend, with whom the games always went smoothly. By nature, Rasputin is sociable, curious, brisk and playful, but also has a strong temperament and a bulldog-like stubborn temperament. Because of his domineering temperament and self-sufficient attitude, Rasputin has been nicknamed the World Ruler. Rasputin gets along well with other dogs and has no problems with other males in the pack. Rasputin likes to be cuddled and petted, and of course loves to sleep in your arms, but can also go to sleep in his own peace if necessary. Rasputin treats new people with a French-like cheerfulness and enthusiasm, but nevertheless guards his territory like a bigger watchdog.

Rasputin's breeders: sammakkoprinssin.weebly.com and  kennelpresentime.weebly.com/

​Rasputin is co-owned with Kennel Presentime.