Young Central Asian ovcharka looking for new home

Valkyria is looking for a home where he would be happy to live as an only dog. Only suitable as a territory guard, not suitable as an animal guard and should not be used for breeding due to the risk of hereditary defects and diseases. Previous experience with livestock guardian dogs isn't necessary, but a shelter and a fenced yard are needed. X-rays can be done before moving to a new home.

Central Asian ovcharka puppies in 2024

Lilith breed with Ymir when the time is right, the pedigree of the litter:


In the litter the emphasis is on health, character and suitability to work on animal farms. Puppies will be sold to animal farms, but also as range guards. Our puppies get used to sheeps, other dogs and cats, but hopefully also suitable for other animal species and, of course, as territory guards.

If you would like to find a suitable working dog, send me an email.

Another Central Asian ovcharka litter possibly in the plans during 2024.