Born 14.1.2019



  • Elbow joint: 0/0
  • Hip joint: B/C
  • Cardiac health auscultation examination: No symptoms

Where did Lilith get her name?

This puppy needed a really strong and independent woman as a role model for the name. Lilith was Adam's first wife, who was created from earth and mud. Lilith did not want to submit to the will of God and her husband, but drifted into disagreements with them and left Eden in paradise, after which Eve was created from Adam's rib, so that the second wife would be more submissive to the first. It is also said that the snake that lured Eve into sin was Lilith, who took the form of a snake. Lilith is also the mother of all demons. The name translates to "monster of the night".

When she was younger, Lilith was reserved and suspicious of new things and people, but as she got older, she gained enormous self-confidence and courage, and you wouldn't believe her to be the same doubter anymore. Now as an adult, Lilith is open and enjoys being with new acquaintances without any problems.

Lilith is cheerful and mischievous and a boisterous prankster. Lilith likes cuddles and company, but can also be by herself. It used to get along well with the rest of the herd, but at the age of two it started to enjoy itself only with Morana. It takes watchfulness with appropriate seriousness and occasionally announces its presence by barking. In the presence of her own person, Lilith also allows strangers and is happy to be petted by acquaintances, but if her own person is not receiving guests, it is not appropriate to even try to enter her territory.

Lilith works excellently as an area guard and beast watcher with Morana. Besides that, Lilith has started to get used to sheep little by little at the age of 1.5 years, but she doesn't show much interest in them anymore.

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